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Guess what? Eric and I broke up oredy, It's actually lyk dis..

B4 spm Eric and I usually go to the library 2gether.. actually almost everyday oso.. At 1st things were GREAT but suddenly.. we fyt a lot.. even over small things.. We made up after each fyt..

After SPM, I see much much less of him.. he's spending a lot of his tym with his guy friends.. haven't even went out with him once after Spm.. Well, of course I grew restless.. I tried bringing him out.. but there wud always be an alasan det he cant go out wit me.. I kept smsing him and kolling him.. but it grew less coz I decided 2 spend my holidays hanging out with Jonathan Klassen and the gang ( Farhan, Alvin)..

There was a time when somebody told me he was in KK wen he told me he was goin home minutes b4 this sumbodi called him 2 ask where he was. So I called him, wondering if he had a change of plans.. at 1st he said he was in his room, then when i questioned him about that somebody tellin me he said he's in KK , he suddenly said he was in his frend's mother's office..

Then there was another time, I missed called him.. and msg him.. but he didnt reply at all.. my friend Avin (Alvin L. Wan) suggested that he try miss calling him on his hp.. guess what? he missed called and sms him again.. askin him who he was.. SO i msg him laa.. askin him y he answered my friend's call but not mine.. he said his phone line wasn't okay.. Some how I doubt it..

I felt so sad and down.. Wondering what I did wrong..a few days later I smsed him.. askin him whats wrong.. and if he still loved me.. and asking him if he wanted to break up.. he didnt reply to me that day.. I missed called him till the nex day when he asked me not to call him for a wyl coz he was frustated wit our situation..

The nex day I called his friend Grace.. ( I had argued wit Eric bout him spending too much tym with her.. stupid kan? but I didnt tell him to not be friends with her, only to spend more tym with me...is that stupid?) I asked for her help to talk to Eric.. She was suprised wit our situation coz she tot we were like really 'bahagia' .. haha.. she did help me .. she told me he finds my attitude annoying.. haha.. and Eric finally agreed 2 talk to me..

He told me he cant communicate wit me.. cant 'click'.. He didn't even wan to say 'break up'.. Told me he'd rather call it as us just being friends.. I cried of course.. stupid me.. and said bye to him.. I'm actualy shedding tears wyl writing this.. haha...

I tot I cud get tru dis.. I pshyco'd myself into thinking I'm really okay... with help from Effie ( Love u pipS! Thank yoU!) coz i got tru d day after the cry durin d break up without shedding a tear.. In fact I felt lighter..

The nex day.. Today... I went to church.. all of a sudden.. durin the Sign of Peace.. I thought of him..how we usually hugged.. I cried.. thank God I was sitting with Thyn (Jonathan Klassen) .. then the Our Father..when i thought of when I once joked pretending I was holding his hand when he was across the room from me during a school mass.. I cried and cried.. hurm.. dunno la.. untill now I still keep shedding tears... Pipz(Effie) and Von( LOVE YOU!!!) smsed me to give me comfort..

Now.. I'm writing this even thought my feet( its purple oredy!) and my back hurt after my job as a waitress at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort.. and I'm damn tired... I cant lie to myself la.. I MISS ERIC.... haha.. I'm crying again...

iM fREEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEeeeeeeeee~~!!

Guess wHat? Exam's all oVer!I'm oFFiciaLLy not a stUDEnt at st.MichaeL seconDAry schOOl oredy!! wHAt a relIEF! Y? tHAT schOOl haS a coLLectiON of d m0st aNNNoyIng teacHERs iN the whoLe of MalaYsia! actuALLy itS not THAT terUk laRR.. thERe R gOOd teacHERs.. but onLY a hanDfull oF tHem.. moST of The gOOd teAChers eNd uP transFErred.. lIKe mY choiR teaC. and THe HEM teac. yeRRR!!

Well .. i haVE liKe urm... 4 whoLe ,monTHS 2 spM resuLTS.. i'm plaNNIng.. BASKETBALL!!!! swiMMing.. danCIng clAss3s.. workiNg... and ENJOY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYY!!!

My cLASS is seriOusly boRING! we haVENt even pLANned anyTHing for tHE clasz! unlIKe other classes.. mentION beacH.. theY"ll come uP wiTH .. H0t! or.. I'll get darK! TALk aboUT boRING!!! aiYAHHH!!
ThanK gOOdness I haVE yv0NNE!!! hahah!! lOVE you VON!!!! oh yeah.. she's mY bestEST frend!

erIc's kinDA busy wiT his frIends.. dunnOO laaa... i thinK afTer tHIS we're goNNA see less of eACh other.. sad oH! I'm gonna mISZ schOOL.... :( Oh weLL... A lot to lOOK forwaRd to.. i hOPe i'll enD up sumWere nICee.. to furTHer my stUDIess.. duNNO laa what waNNA take up... my mUM saiz dentisTRy.. my dad NO coMMentt.. me? dunoo... I'm intO sporTS lar.. i lOve musIcc.. duNNo larrr... see larr.. yeesh.. mals waNNA fikIr noww.. then there's the financIAL proBBIe.. canT simpLY piK a priVATe instITUtiOn.. expensive.. accorDin to mY parenTS larr.. yerr.. SOMEBODY HELP ME DECIDE!!!!!!!

bah gO fiRst laR b4 i geT toO biNGungg... cIIIaoo... MERDEKA!@!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 moRe day!

Library opens at 9am but im already in Donggongon since 7.15 am! Sad oo! Teda rumah dis.. know what? spm 1 day agen! 1 more subject but then three papers laa... Chemistry.. okaylaa i think..I hope... spm's been rather hard.. but I'm still alive lar.. dunno laa how my results thet.. hopefully not that bad...

YAY!! CuTI!!! What to do ah? Astra's going for dancing classes.. i think im gonna join her... lots of my classmates are joining.. besides.. gotta lose sum fat!! Yay.. I'l get to play basketball again! miss playINg ooo!!! And i'll get to go shopping... go out witmy sweetheart.. and.. OH YA!Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeaHHHH!!!!I miss chrIStmass!!! Avin's comin, then get to spend time with thyn thyn.. farHan.. and avin... yayyyy....... gilaa.... spm pun belum abisss.. hehe....

Chemistry's tomorrow.. then on Friday kakaknette's kamin home!!! Got driverrrrR!!! hehehehehe... this isgonna be fuNN!! Have to take license again lar... then can drivee... hehehehe.. sioknyERRR!!!!!! hopefully tidak kena pik for national service oo... Malasss.. wanna enjoy my hols.. i think it wudbe fun laa.. the national service.. but..... holiday is much much more fuN! Geeshh... 30 minutes again till library opens.. hopefully this cc isnt that expensive...JF..in donggongon... hurm..

Today Eric's gonna Merdekaa... habis oredy they all punya subjectss.. buyuk o!! they starT earLy and end earLy! TISNT FAIR!! :P oh well.. nevermind... one day to goo... bah bah... long ody i typee... see yaaa!!!
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CRazy larr me wanna on9 gen wana dakat ody spm...
My comp's stiw down.. shoooooooot! Isk... Fie.. nex nex year??? wuakakakaa... so lama gen.... bah dun 4 get to blanja arrr... dennnnnnn maderrrrr.. smart larr the piccies piccies... how u do det? smart nie...
Oh yeahh.. bout Eric... *sigh* dunno what to say o... He's actually my first kiss.. And he sure know how to kiss.. *sigh* ahahrkss... He's sino kadazan.. skulin in d same school as i am... but in another class lar.. he's really loving and comfy.. funny oooo he's actually d guy yg lama ody i tok bout in this journal oso.. 4 got ody what i ryt bout him.. but tiba2 we like berngam diss.. hurm.. *sigh* ahahrkss.. 1 month over ody noww... yeah i knoww... baru 1 month.. ahahrks... but like i close to him lama ody.. so gud laa.. i know him as frend 1st... :)
yer... gotta study larrrr... PRAY 4 ME!!! Ciaooooo
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haLu peoPLee.. lonG time no seee!!

My stupid comP's down And im iN a cc NOw.. Yer.. annoying oo! My whole fam's in KL and left poor me alone at my grandma's ARGH!!.. nolar.. Okay oso la.. but i misz my bed!! My rooM!! Hopefully my mum buy me lots of stuff! They shuD! they Left me alone!! yeR!!

Trial eXams juST finiShed, my resulTs are TERIBLE!! 2 fails! History and Physics.. gLad i passed 7 subjects laa.. English, MAlay, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Addtional Mathz and Moral.. :)

Guess what? I've got a darling ody.. He's Eric..
we became official on the 29th of August 2003, hehe.. hurm so happy.. he's bsyd me.. on the oder comp.. dun wanna let him see. this!! MALU!
:) but I'm damn happy lar... cute.. tall... nice..... *sigh* tok bout him more l8er laa... wen he's not bsyd me! hehe... gotta go first.. hie mum! hie fie! miss u guysss.. fie tekejut o i see u det day! pretty lar u! mader!! wen u kamiNG bek! wen u kam bek hav to cari me and blanja me k? *muax* love u alll!!
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God send me an angel..from the heavens above...

You know whaTTT!! The guy.. the one who my parents sent home to the house wit me and him alone at the back of the ford.. he sms me det day.. and we've been smsing each oder for like everiday ody.. except this 2 or 3 days.. bt today he sms me agen! siok oso laa wanna b frends wif him.. ARGH!! sayang he got gf!

I've been studying u know! like actually studying! SPM a few days agen..haha i actually studied Chemics b4 goin to tuition..and that day i studied Physics oso..I wanna finish my History first I think.. hopefully I can finish b4 exaM! I love chemics tuition oohH! Really nice.. the teacher oso really know how to teach! Like better agen go tuition only and not go to schOOl ooO!! like wasting time onlI!

2molo go play basketball agen! YaY!! i love basketBAll!! I'm a basKetbalL freAk!! YAYYY!! aiYAkss... tomolo 10am gOT tuitiON! soT ooo kaNN? yer then at 5.30pm got tuition at THe same pLAce agen.. sOT OO!

Just now got choir, we're singing this nu song called keroncong kemayoran. It's a Surabaya song.. nice! suPer niCe! loTs of voiCIng diss! Started at 1.00pm jez now, I was supposed to go for extra class at 12.45pm , Chemics, but got caught up talking wit Bong bout basketball. We still cant decide who'll be in the team, teacher has a really bad choice o! Li Yeng seriously wants to play, but I don't think she's that good..dunno laa.. the main thing is, we're gonna play tomolo!

Yer.. just now Yvonne queried Jo-anna, she said det she's wit Arnold, and never broke up, Arnold told me that day during MSSB that they broke up ody. Takkanlah Arnold lie to me? Can be kaa? Yer.. if he did......but mebbe Jo-anna's lying.. she does det like a lot too.. so maybe she's lying? Yer.. which one dis..I still cant imagine what Rnold sees in Jo-anna! YUCK!!! I know I'm bad.. but Jo-anna's just soo...sooo....nutin laR! Bah if Rnold wants her go laa.. duDUdu.. how come all the cute guys at school are all younger than me??!! yerr this is so unfair oo!! SO VERRY UNFAIRR!!

I wanna go first.. have to think y the world is so unfair to me..
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gueSS whaT?!

i FAILED hiSTory, biOLOgy, phYSIcs aNd addiTIONal matHZ!!! wuahahahahahahahrksss!!!


buRet got gOLd! I'm so haPPY for hIM! Malacca!! jealOUS nYERR!! GO BURET GO!!!

eee.. is it just me or is arnold ambrose owez lookin` at me like in this strange way? like sumtimess.. when i look at him i owez catch him lookin` at me.. i prasan or what dis? seriously laa i dunno...

is it bad to be flirtin` around on the fon wit sumbodi's bf? aahhrks.. im so seriously guilty at doin` that! ahahrks.. but if we terjumpa i dont do it larr.... ok kaa tue?

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YayYYyy habIs eXAM!!

I've just finished my exam last week! Hurm failing with flying colours la dis! hehe We just finished oral too! I'm so happy!

Lotza things happenin in school.. dun wanna tok bout it now.. but one thing is Leo Club got ice breaker this Saturday, hopefully it'll be a sucess! We're also gonna have our own Leo Corner! heherkss.. I just love our new Teac. Advisor Miss Nancy, she's the BEST! Oh ya and basketball also this Saturday.. I just love playing basketball!! Cant get enought of it babyy....

Tomolo most probably I'm gonna kena marah by teachers.. coz of sum stupid guy who go complain to de mader bout our meetings.. STUPID O YOU!! U KNOW KAH HOW MUCH I HATE U THIS NOW!!! COZ OF U ME AND THOMAS KENA MARAH!! PUAS LAA UR HATI NOW!!!ARGGGH!!
eee... nvm laa det Mummy's boy.. isk so manja...

Bah.. hopefully I dont fail so many subjects! Kimia i think can survive! For the 1st time!!!! heherkss.... oders.. hurm no need 2 say laa ..sure faill
CiaO! sleep first liaoo!!!
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To answer Fie's question...

The guy's name is ******, to make the story short, he flirted with me during MSSB last year, and I ter'crush' on him and he rejected me, but I'm still in to him till now, suddenly, end of last year he started chatting, dunno if he's playing around with me, but i think he likes me too but he's kinda scared making any commitments, and I'm so tired of waitin` but I can't let him outta my mind! HELP!!
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I was in the library alone!!!
SO verRy saaaD!
Boring laa library noww, like wanna sleep onli when do homework, hurm, not like last time , can cuci mata agen, aparahhhh!! why laa they finish skool ody? SO laa teruk ketinggalan my add mathz! like wanna die dis wanna pinish all my homeworks!
Nothing really interesting happened today, for training coach put 23m target, cannot even reach! ARGH frust dis.. hurm..nvm laa little by little... but obviously I'm not gonna break any records or win at MSSB, hurm... Can;t wait 4 mSSd .. i think kan, Penampang host the best Mssd of all!! with all the gongs, kadazan gongs, chinese gongz, kompang.... hmm... cannot wait... hopefully can win this one laa... i wanna go MSSB!!!!!!
Bong's going to Kudat with the Penampang basketball team, so sad I cannot go... hurm.. miss Mei Chee, Sa Sa Wong, Sai Sai Lap, Amy, Ah Ting, miss them soo muchh... :( they're goin for mebbe 10 days... nice laa det, everyday get money, then eat like pigs, get fat...wuah....nice.. I miss Tawau laRR!! They're gettin` nu jerseys, Ah Ting sponsor... BOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss dem soo mUCH!! miSS being Centre , MIss beiNg n0 13... si san hau..jia you!!!!hehe...stuupid!
Hurm Oh weLL!!!
Nevermind laRR!!
Penampang!!! Jia yOU!!!!
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