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1 moRe day!

Library opens at 9am but im already in Donggongon since 7.15 am! Sad oo! Teda rumah dis.. know what? spm 1 day agen! 1 more subject but then three papers laa... Chemistry.. okaylaa i think..I hope... spm's been rather hard.. but I'm still alive lar.. dunno laa how my results thet.. hopefully not that bad...

YAY!! CuTI!!! What to do ah? Astra's going for dancing classes.. i think im gonna join her... lots of my classmates are joining.. besides.. gotta lose sum fat!! Yay.. I'l get to play basketball again! miss playINg ooo!!! And i'll get to go shopping... go out witmy sweetheart.. and.. OH YA!Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeaHHHH!!!!I miss chrIStmass!!! Avin's comin, then get to spend time with thyn thyn.. farHan.. and avin... yayyyy....... gilaa.... spm pun belum abisss.. hehe....

Chemistry's tomorrow.. then on Friday kakaknette's kamin home!!! Got driverrrrR!!! hehehehehe... this isgonna be fuNN!! Have to take license again lar... then can drivee... hehehehe.. sioknyERRR!!!!!! hopefully tidak kena pik for national service oo... Malasss.. wanna enjoy my hols.. i think it wudbe fun laa.. the national service.. but..... holiday is much much more fuN! Geeshh... 30 minutes again till library opens.. hopefully this cc isnt that donggongon... hurm..

Today Eric's gonna Merdekaa... habis oredy they all punya subjectss.. buyuk o!! they starT earLy and end earLy! TISNT FAIR!! :P oh well.. nevermind... one day to goo... bah bah... long ody i typee... see yaaa!!!

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