May 15th, 2005

Didnt upDate for a LOng lOoong time... hehe...

Funny laa to read my journal.. all those Eric stuff... dunno what I saw in him.. now then I know how it feels to be really loved and cared Jeremy Joenoi.. We're now 4 months ody.. never ever been cared for and loved soo much! Even when I was so mean to him.. actually it was like this..our matrix result came out.. mine was bad.. i cried lar, broke down...coz it means i have to repeat my foundation if i want to take up dentistry.. :( and my mum scold me on the fon... so I was really really broken .... then just rushed out of Bowlrama leaving him.. when he was driving me home, he was complaining bout his result oso.. but in the same time he was trying really hard to comfort me.. Knew what I did? I ridiculed him for not bein satisfied with his good marks.. I was mean laa actually.. and that time he was REALLY disappointed in himself... coz he's actually a flying-colours student.. been getting all A's since primary till spm.. and even when i ridiculed him, he still kept comfortin me.. puttin aside his disappointment.. tried to hold my hand but i didnt want to.. when we reach my home i offed my hp and dc the hse fon, he had dis very hurt look when he said 'so, I have no way of calling u lah this?'and i just sed bye to him with my sunglass on, didnt want him to look into my eyes at that time.. after he went then I realised what I did.. I called him.. to say sorry.. then he sed he understands..and told me he'll call back coz he was drivin..but then i realised i forgot to get the manila card my mum asked me to get..i asked for jer's help, and he had to go till merdeka to get it.. quite far from my home coz a nearby supermarket didnt have it..and went back to bring it back to me...even when he was so tired coz we didnt get enough sleep and we went golfin at 7am that day..he still looked so down when he went back to my home, i apologised to him ..he wasnt at all mad at me.. instead he hugged me and i cried in his arms.. we hugged for a long time...talked about our disappoinments...our troubles...and I was still in his arms till he fell asleep...and I felt so safe.. so loved...he had to go 2hrs later.. but i felt so relieved.. That's how much he loves me... I'm one lcuky gurl.. =)
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