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heLLo woRld!

I'm ouTTa LAbuan MAtriculATion CoLLege.. yeah rYT..i wisH.. noBAh.. I'm jUSt out for tHe sem 1 breaK... arGh!! liFE there is veRRY toUgh... esP THe sem 1 finAls.. I studiEd sOOOO haRD for iT! i doNT kNOW why I CAnt ansWEr THe paPer! arGH aRGH aRGH.. iTS oKay... hurm.. i thiNK i goTTA find anoTHer waY to stUDy..
i'm drEAding the daY i'LL go BAck THere! bOO hOOo...
no shoPPIng maLL..
no WAter... (soMetIMes.. buT verY frequENt)
no eNSem boYs...
I hoPe i LeaRn soMehtinG out of tHAt plaCe.. at lEAst mY staY there wiLL be woRth THe Pain..
It's actuaLLy noT tHAt baD lar.. waiT.. IT is!
well.. okaY.. gTG!!!

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