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guEss who MY vaLEntinE was?


aharKzz.. mY best FReNd juGAlaa.. YvoNNe.. we berLes. harKz.. kIDDInGz...
mY tWin BRo gerALd stOOd me uP! no oso LAa he tOLd oso Laa.. buT still.. KENOT BE FORGIVEN!! aahhrks.. KIddinGZzz.... SIOk oso LAA wiT vOn.. from CHUrcH.. jaLAN kakI TO bus STop.. DEN naiK bus TO cENTrE POinT.. jaLAN jaLAN... MAIn gAME... BASKETBALL!!! TENgok OraNG BERdatIN.. TENGoK LianG ZHaI... deN go to BUrger SAn.. had a NICe tyM deRe.. lOVelY fOOd aND atmosPhere.. den u KNow what???!! goT cloWN AGaiN dET!!! I mmG PhobIA CloWNS baH DisS.. BUt i baLIk² tENGoK tHE CLown Buat ThE BAlooN THINg FOR A KiD.. thEN TIba² THE CLown GO TO my TABlE.. AHAHRKSS.. theN The clOWN made Me a flOWer baLOOn and hearT shaped baLOON wiT a bear huGGIn it to yVOnne.. aharX.. I LOVE MY FLOWERR!!! :D I had The besT vaLentines EVer.. suDDenlY i reaLIsed hOw mUCH I miss mY freNds.. I spenT soo mUCH time beiN wiT eRIc onY unTIL i forgoT peoPLe who maTTers THe most.. peoPLe who r loYAL to me.. mY best buddIes..

I guEss iTS a gOOd thinG tHAT i'M noT wiT HIm nYMOre.. beeN a naugHTy guRL wHen i was WIt HIm.. ;P i learNed a gREat deaL laa oSo.. thiNk iTS betTER for Me to noT loOk lOVe ryT nOw.. I donT thiNK i'M matURe enoUGh! ;P i mYT do thiNGs that I'll regRet, nO? :) buY The waY, Saw hIM in CHUrch tadi.. lama He didnT berconTACt wiT me.. mebe He's stILL avoIdin me? ahaRKs.. HIs loST!!! :P just NOw kan GOt thIs guY in CHUrch.. pakaI bLAck riMMed pLAStic gLASSes aND spiKY hair.. JUSt LIKe eric.. SOO freakISH!!! anoTHEr ERIC??!! OH NO!!!

The guY who keePS phoNIng me, aharkss.. he beCAMe sooo annOYIN!!!!! balIK BALIk foN! isk.. so I tOLD him off Laa... jahaT o ME! buT nicelY laa... eherksss.. for THe driVIN law test.. i got 48 OVer 50! ahahrks.. terror KAN???? say YESSSS!!


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