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I'm kinDa okay oredy noww.. caN giLA giLA ody... heherkzz.. det day got one of my anaKz puNYa bDay... DoNNa moSInoh.. siOK nIeee.. get to bOoGIee.. :) got laa suM cuTe buT yOUng guYS there.. sediH nIe.. I'm THe OldesT of The friENds THat she inVITed.. :P buT cute laa oso The guys.. heherKSs.. :P

Got this gUY Bah phoNed me a few daYs ago.. at fiRSt i was exiTed cOZ thIS guy is a reaLLy nice guY.. but tHen i greW scared NIe.. isk. seeM lIKe deT reLATionship phoBIa thing Hasn't gONe awaY yet.. yer.. but seriOUsly i get scared NIee.. LIke waNNa mengelaK him.. yer.. insaNe oo me kan? yer....

ujIAn berkompuTer for THe driVIng thinG this satURDay! giLA!!! noCet habIS stuDY oOOHH!!! yerrrrrrrr!! die laRR me!!!

YOu KNoww.. i bARu fON this GERald a.k.a aNNe's twIN brO, tadi.. lama TDK jumPA hiM dis.. rinDUUUUUU!!! we use to be veRRY close niee.. lama diden juMPA hIM!! yer.. pLAnning to go Out wit hIM tomoLO.. hoPe jadi... take gaJI aGen in sHAnGrila at 2pm.. so plan to meeT him at 4.30.. rinduu.. one thing onlY laa.. he lIKes to talk bout himself and his life puNYa crita onlY nie.. tadi fon him tdk panDai tanYa pasal my lifE!kin PAnazzz! alaa.. besa.. anak MAnJA kan ger?? ahahhrkss.. nvmlaa.. I lOVe mY twiN broo! ehehehee...

bah bah... 1.11am ody.. wanna sLeep this.. nYT nyT!!!!!!!!!

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