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This is the end of the story, I'm through wit him, somehow i keep gettin him in my dreams nowadays, and its always about him kasi sakit my hati, dunno y. Bad omen bah tue kan? Heran me, whyl asleep oso he can kasi sakit my hati.. hurm.. nvmlaa det..
New life.. without HIM, I know I'll survive, I'm a strong gurl ma.. that was an experience to make me grow.. mature.. I don't really know what effect it has on me.. or even in my future relationships, but i don't intend to mope around bout him anymore and THATS THAT!
My cuz's staying over at my house coz she's transferred from Tamparuli to my ex school, St.Michael, form 4, and she'll be stayin hea until she finishes schoolin lar, I love my cuzzie, we're very close, coz our families once use to live together in one house.. so her mum is my mum, and my mum is her mum...I intend to make d most of it, in fact her presence is already cheering me up a little..
So.. wish me d best of luck.. coz I'm having a lot of fun now.. taking drivin license.. helpin out school sport practises.. and gettin nu, fun, frends through my cuz.. I'll definitely survive...
Continue to pray for me ah whoever reads dis! Love ya'll, God Bless..

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