sHaMutz (shamutz) wrote,

Some SMS' from my beloved friends..

I just wanna share these words coz I was verry touched by their words..

Von : I know theres nothing I can do about it but trust me ok?U will get over it .. just not now.. but u will.. n ill try my best 2 help u throught it k? Never lose urself, itz not worth it.. Coz ur too precious k?!


Pipz : Hei, wats past is past! U hv 2 let go.. take ur tym but dun let it destruct u, jez think dis happy for the time u guys shared, and now, its time 4 oders 2 enter ur life..


Von : (After telling her its hard to get over him coz he's a lot of my firsts)First means da beginning of many others, he's a memory, part of your life now.. think of it as sumting beautiful thats only between u and him.. dat is something no one can take away..


I think I have the most full-of-wisdom friends in da world o! Love you all! Thanx so very much! Pray for me k? I'm still feelin really fragile.. haha.. :)

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