Didnt upDate for a LOng lOoong time... hehe...

Funny laa to read my journal.. all those Eric stuff... dunno what I saw in him.. now then I know how it feels to be really loved and cared for..by Jeremy Joenoi.. We're now 4 months ody.. never ever been cared for and loved soo much! Even when I was so mean to him.. actually it was like this..our matrix result came out.. mine was bad.. i cried lar, broke down...coz it means i have to repeat my foundation if i want to take up dentistry.. :( and my mum scold me on the fon... so I was really really broken .... then just rushed out of Bowlrama leaving him.. when he was driving me home, he was complaining bout his result oso.. but in the same time he was trying really hard to comfort me.. Knew what I did? I ridiculed him for not bein satisfied with his good marks.. I was mean laa actually.. and that time he was REALLY disappointed in himself... coz he's actually a flying-colours student.. been getting all A's since primary till spm.. and even when i ridiculed him, he still kept comfortin me.. puttin aside his disappointment.. tried to hold my hand but i didnt want to.. when we reach my home i offed my hp and dc the hse fon, he had dis very hurt look when he said 'so, I have no way of calling u lah this?'and i just sed bye to him with my sunglass on, didnt want him to look into my eyes at that time.. after he went then I realised what I did.. I called him.. to say sorry.. then he sed he understands..and told me he'll call back coz he was drivin..but then i realised i forgot to get the manila card my mum asked me to get..i asked for jer's help, and he had to go till merdeka to get it.. quite far from my home coz a nearby supermarket didnt have it..and went back to bring it back to me...even when he was so tired coz we didnt get enough sleep and we went golfin at 7am that day..he still looked so down when he went back to my home, i apologised to him ..he wasnt at all mad at me.. instead he hugged me and i cried in his arms.. we hugged for a long time...talked about our disappoinments...our troubles...and I was still in his arms till he fell asleep...and I felt so safe.. so loved...he had to go 2hrs later.. but i felt so relieved.. That's how much he loves me... I'm one lcuky gurl.. =)
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heLLo woRld!

I'm ouTTa LAbuan MAtriculATion CoLLege.. yeah rYT..i wisH.. noBAh.. I'm jUSt out for tHe sem 1 breaK... arGh!! liFE there is veRRY toUgh... esP THe sem 1 finAls.. I studiEd sOOOO haRD for iT! i doNT kNOW why I CAnt ansWEr THe paPer! arGH aRGH aRGH.. iTS oKay... hurm.. i thiNK i goTTA find anoTHer waY to stUDy..
i'm drEAding the daY i'LL go BAck THere! bOO hOOo...
no shoPPIng maLL..
no WAter... (soMetIMes.. buT verY frequENt)
no eNSem boYs...
I hoPe i LeaRn soMehtinG out of tHAt plaCe.. at lEAst mY staY there wiLL be woRth THe Pain..
It's actuaLLy noT tHAt baD lar.. waiT.. IT is!
well.. okaY.. gTG!!!
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iM iN labUAN MatricuLATion coLLege nOw... mY grouP has splIt.. mY bestFRiend has NO time to caLL me.. Im sick... and mY crush, mY priMARy schOOL twiN and mY bestest rooM Mate all lari from LMC.. so wHat has THat left me wiT?


guEss who MY vaLEntinE was?


aharKzz.. mY best FReNd juGAlaa.. YvoNNe.. we berLes. harKz.. kIDDInGz...
mY tWin BRo gerALd stOOd me uP! no oso LAa he tOLd oso Laa.. buT still.. KENOT BE FORGIVEN!! aahhrks.. KIddinGZzz.... SIOk oso LAA wiT vOn.. from CHUrcH.. jaLAN kakI TO bus STop.. DEN naiK bus TO cENTrE POinT.. jaLAN jaLAN... MAIn gAME... BASKETBALL!!! TENgok OraNG BERdatIN.. TENGoK LianG ZHaI... deN go to BUrger SAn.. had a NICe tyM deRe.. lOVelY fOOd aND atmosPhere.. den u KNow what???!! goT cloWN AGaiN dET!!! I mmG PhobIA CloWNS baH DisS.. BUt i baLIk² tENGoK tHE CLown Buat ThE BAlooN THINg FOR A KiD.. thEN TIba² THE CLown GO TO my TABlE.. AHAHRKSS.. theN The clOWN made Me a flOWer baLOOn and hearT shaped baLOON wiT a bear huGGIn it to yVOnne.. aharX.. I LOVE MY FLOWERR!!! :D I had The besT vaLentines EVer.. suDDenlY i reaLIsed hOw mUCH I miss mY freNds.. I spenT soo mUCH time beiN wiT eRIc onY unTIL i forgoT peoPLe who maTTers THe most.. peoPLe who r loYAL to me.. mY best buddIes..

I guEss iTS a gOOd thinG tHAT i'M noT wiT HIm nYMOre.. beeN a naugHTy guRL wHen i was WIt HIm.. ;P i learNed a gREat deaL laa oSo.. thiNk iTS betTER for Me to noT loOk lOVe ryT nOw.. I donT thiNK i'M matURe enoUGh! ;P i mYT do thiNGs that I'll regRet, nO? :) buY The waY, Saw hIM in CHUrch tadi.. lama He didnT berconTACt wiT me.. mebe He's stILL avoIdin me? ahaRKs.. HIs loST!!! :P just NOw kan GOt thIs guY in CHUrch.. pakaI bLAck riMMed pLAStic gLASSes aND spiKY hair.. JUSt LIKe eric.. SOO freakISH!!! anoTHEr ERIC??!! OH NO!!!

The guY who keePS phoNIng me, aharkss.. he beCAMe sooo annOYIN!!!!! balIK BALIk foN! isk.. so I tOLD him off Laa... jahaT o ME! buT nicelY laa... eherksss.. for THe driVIN law test.. i got 48 OVer 50! ahahrks.. terror KAN???? say YESSSS!!

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(no subject)

MARCH: Attractive personality.sexy. Affectionate.Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody.


I'm kinDa okay oredy noww.. caN giLA giLA ody... heherkzz.. det day got one of my anaKz puNYa bDay... DoNNa moSInoh.. siOK nIeee.. get to bOoGIee.. :) got laa suM cuTe buT yOUng guYS there.. sediH nIe.. I'm THe OldesT of The friENds THat she inVITed.. :P buT cute laa oso The guys.. heherKSs.. :P

Got this gUY Bah phoNed me a few daYs ago.. at fiRSt i was exiTed cOZ thIS guy is a reaLLy nice guY.. but tHen i greW scared NIe.. isk. seeM lIKe deT reLATionship phoBIa thing Hasn't gONe awaY yet.. yer.. but seriOUsly i get scared NIee.. LIke waNNa mengelaK him.. yer.. insaNe oo me kan? yer....

ujIAn berkompuTer for THe driVIng thinG this satURDay! giLA!!! noCet habIS stuDY oOOHH!!! yerrrrrrrr!! die laRR me!!!

YOu KNoww.. i bARu fON this GERald a.k.a aNNe's twIN brO, tadi.. lama TDK jumPA hiM dis.. rinDUUUUUU!!! we use to be veRRY close niee.. lama diden juMPA hIM!! yer.. pLAnning to go Out wit hIM tomoLO.. hoPe jadi... take gaJI aGen in sHAnGrila at 2pm.. so plan to meeT him at 4.30.. rinduu.. one thing onlY laa.. he lIKes to talk bout himself and his life puNYa crita onlY nie.. tadi fon him tdk panDai tanYa pasal my lifE!kin PAnazzz! alaa.. besa.. anak MAnJA kan ger?? ahahhrkss.. nvmlaa.. I lOVe mY twiN broo! ehehehee...

bah bah... 1.11am ody.. wanna sLeep this.. nYT nyT!!!!!!!!!
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This is the end of the story, I'm through wit him, somehow i keep gettin him in my dreams nowadays, and its always about him kasi sakit my hati, dunno y. Bad omen bah tue kan? Heran me, whyl asleep oso he can kasi sakit my hati.. hurm.. nvmlaa det..
New life.. without HIM, I know I'll survive, I'm a strong gurl ma.. that was an experience to make me grow.. mature.. I don't really know what effect it has on me.. or even in my future relationships, but i don't intend to mope around bout him anymore and THATS THAT!
My cuz's staying over at my house coz she's transferred from Tamparuli to my ex school, St.Michael, form 4, and she'll be stayin hea until she finishes schoolin lar, I love my cuzzie, we're very close, coz our families once use to live together in one house.. so her mum is my mum, and my mum is her mum...I intend to make d most of it, in fact her presence is already cheering me up a little..
So.. wish me d best of luck.. coz I'm having a lot of fun now.. taking drivin license.. helpin out school sport practises.. and gettin nu, fun, frends through my cuz.. I'll definitely survive...
Continue to pray for me ah whoever reads dis! Love ya'll, God Bless..
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AnnoyING, iNSEnsitiVE guYS!!

I donT carE bOut hiM anymORe!

YOu knOw whAT he SAid wHen i toLd hiM i waNT hiM baCK2 weEks agO?!? He toLd me hE misSes mE 2 bUT he wanTS to reLAX from aLL thEse "LOVE THINGGY"!...... sO lAH! peoPLe donT resT from LOve laRR! loVE is an emoTION tHAT coMES frOm the heaRT! yeR! talK abouT inSENsitiVe anD iMmatuRE!

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Some SMS' from my beloved friends..

I just wanna share these words coz I was verry touched by their words..

Von : I know theres nothing I can do about it but trust me ok?U will get over it .. just not now.. but u will.. n ill try my best 2 help u throught it k? Never lose urself, itz not worth it.. Coz ur too precious k?!


Pipz : Hei, wats past is past! U hv 2 let go.. take ur tym but dun let it destruct u, jez think dis way..be happy for the time u guys shared, and now, its time 4 oders 2 enter ur life..


Von : (After telling her its hard to get over him coz he's a lot of my firsts)First means da beginning of many others, he's a memory, part of your life now.. think of it as sumting beautiful thats only between u and him.. dat is something no one can take away..


I think I have the most full-of-wisdom friends in da world o! Love you all! Thanx so very much! Pray for me k? I'm still feelin really fragile.. haha.. :)